We are a virtual home bar, growing Bottle by Bottle. With each bottle we add, we share our favourite cocktail recipes that you can make just with the bottles added to date. We started with the bases, suggesting the simpler classics based around a sole spirit. From there, we rounded out the bar with other essentials, unlocking all-time classics, new discoveries, and Bottle by Bottle originals. 

The bottles we have added appear at the top of the page. Click on a bottle to learn more about it and see drinks that use it. Our Blog shows our most recent posts. The Archive lists all the posts on the site, with a interactive cocktail finder. Search finds posts across the site.

All of our original cocktails are named for Seinfeld episodes, collected on our Cocktails About Nothing page. We post our originals, and other features on Chowhound. We are on Twitter and Instagram as bottlexbottle. Our email is bottlexbottle@gmail.com.

Bottle by Bottle is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.